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Welcome to our podcasts and videos page. All our productions feature fellow Canadians talking about real life issues. We hope their stories educate and inspire you.

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Also housed here is An Introduction to Arive®, our employee assistance program.

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We’re excited to bring you our podcast series, Head Forward. In each episode, we explore issues affecting mental health and well-being through conversation with experts. You’ll get access to insight and practical strategies addressing the challenges we face.

Workplace Wellness...it's more than you think with Dr. Graham Lowe

It’s Your Life – Keep Talking

Every year, 1 in 5 Canadians faces an issue affecting mental health and well-being. Stigma keeps most from actively seeking treatment. Neighbours, co-workers, friends, parents, young adults—men and women alike—are impacted.

Arete has collaborated with CTV Two to air a series of videos featuring everyday Canadians who have faced and met the challenge of mental wellness issues. Watch them here or on our new YouTube channel.

Sincere thanks to all the participants who fearlessly share their experiences in these short videos. Our gratitude extends to the researchers, mental health experts and educators who help drive home the point: looking after our mental health is essential.

We have one life to enjoy—if something is affecting your state of mind and life, or that of a friend or loved one, start the conversation and keep talking.

Episode 5 – Eating Disorders

Episode 4 – Stress and the Workplace

Episode 3 – Struggling with Depression

Episode 2 – When Loved Ones Suffer from Mental Illness

Episode 1 – Recovering from Addiction

An Introduction to Arive®

The Arive® program supports employees/members and their families through a self-referral counselling process. Whenever personal problems, work-related stresses, issues affecting mental health or financial and legal dilemmas affect a person’s well-being and performance on the job, individuals covered through Arive have a place to turn for professional guidance.

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