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We have Acumin®. How can I arrange for counselling for my employees, or make it possible for them to arrange it themselves?

If you are the business owner, you can provide access to professional counselling for your employee by giving them the Acumin Employee Referral Card provided in your program information package. You don’t personally need to be involved in setting up appointments – in fact, to protect confidentiality, you can’t!

If you want your employees and their insured family members to be able to self-refer to professional counselling, contact your group insurance advisor who can add the Arive® Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to your benefits package.

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Acumin Employee Referral Card

I may need to lay off some employees but want to be sure I've considered all options first. Can my management team also access consulting through our Arive® EAP?
Help is a phone call away. Insured organizations all have generous access to our professional HR consulting services.

You can reach us at 1 877 412-7483 or 1 877 922-8646.

I’m a new team leader and don’t have much experience managing people. Any advice?

Check out our Managing Excellence series for down-to-earth, practical advice on how to handle common situations.

Our Health Sense series offers insights on work-life balance challenges and our Life and Work Blog addresses even more. Use these resources to start building your expertise!

Can my management team also access the professional counselling of the Arive® EAP, or is that just for employees?
Yes! Every insured person in your organization has access to expert support through the Arive employee or member assistance program. It’s too easy to feel that as managers, team leaders and key representatives, we should be invincible. Nobody is invincible. Getting a bit of assistance can really help get things back on track.

If your organization is covered under the Arive program, call us at 1 877 412-7483 or 1 877 922-8646 for confidential support.

Our business is covered under the Chambers Plan Business Assistance Service (BAS). How can we learn more about the program and its options?

We are proud to be the service provider for the more than 30,000 Canadian businesses covered under the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan umbrella. The BAS is an example of a program we’ve tailored specifically to meet the needs of small businesses.

Since this service is part of your overall Chambers Plan benefits package and is exclusive for Chambers Plan members, detailed information is maintained on their site. Your Chambers Plan group advisor can also answer your questions and is the person to contact to add more options, such as the Arive® Employee/Member Assistance Program, if you are interested.

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