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Why Arete is Your Service Provider

There are lots of employee/member assistance programs out there. Why did your group benefits advisor suggest an Arete assistance program as a good fit for your organization?

It’s because they know a solid, uncomplicated program with high-touch service will give your organization the support it needs:

  • Your employees or members won’t be turned away if they can’t instantly access their group or certificate number identification when they call. We know people are usually stressed when they contact us, so we help them first. Technicalities can wait.
  • Program users can request a different counsellor at any time to ensure a good match.
  • We don’t have hidden costs or extra charges, so you won’t ever get a call from your group advisor about an unexpected bill coming your way.
  • Although your group insurance advisor is your main contact, we work closely with them to address your needs effectively.

Sometimes the Unimaginable Happens at Work

To report a critical incident, call us as soon as possible:
1 877 412-7483
1 877 922-8646

Through your program coverage, your organization has access to experts who can help you plan what to do next.

Program Information

Read or download generic materials for our basic programs.

All our programs are built with a focus of getting to the true source of an issue, and to provide practical support to deal with those challenges.

Arive® helps organizations support employees/members and their families through a self-referral counselling process. Life presents challenges.

If personal, work-related, financial, legal, or health issues affect a person’s well-being and job performance, they can turn to Arive for professional assistance and get back on track.

Arive includes generous access to human resources coaching for managers.

VIDEO: An Introduction to Arive

download-20px DOWNLOAD

Arive – Guide for Owners & Managers

Arive – Employee Assistance Program Brochure

Arive – Printable Poster for Your Workplace

Arive®Lite is for organizations that want to build their management team’s expertise. AriveLite assists managers to resolve problems before they escalate into productivity issues or lead to absenteeism.

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AriveLite – Guide for Owners & Managers

AriveLite – Employee Referral Card

Businesses without financial resources for expensive legal and financial advice can use Acumin® to gain access to experts in these fields, plus generous human resources guidance. Acumin includes a counselling referral component managers can use to help employees deal with personal issues when performance concerns arise.

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Acumin – Guide for Owners & Managers

Acumin – Referral Card for Employees

The Arete Approach Works

Not sure if counselling make a difference? Read these independent analysis results.

Chambers of Commerce Plan

Are you covered under the Chambers Plan Business Assistance Service (BAS)?

Eligible BAS members are invited to call us at 1 877 412-7483 or 1 877 922-8646 to arrange assistance.

Small Business Check-Up

Assess your organization’s health.

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Small Business Check-Up

Mental Health Infographic

Think mental health at work is not related to your business? Think again!

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Mental Health Infographic


Your organization has made an investment by including an employee or business assistance program in your benefits package.

We know organizations are interested in financial proof these programs are worthwhile, and our evidence-based research provides just that.

Managing Excellence

It’s not easy when you’re the “buck stops here” person in an organization. Owners, managers, team leaders and key representatives face the challenge of keeping the organization on track, while at the same time, encouraging and motivating the individuals who help make that happen.

Sometimes a little advice or some fresh ideas can make a difference when you run into a situation that threatens to throw things off. Our Managing Excellence series offers practical suggestions in a down-to-earth style. New topics are added regularly.

The Flipside of Saying Yes

We’re encouraged to say yes to new projects and commitments at work. Saying yes means we’re enthusiastic and ambitious, right? But it has a flipside we sometimes forget about.

read more

Health Sense

If you’re looking for tips for yourself or your employees or organization members, take a look at our popular Health Sense series. These make great handouts or discussion points for staff meetings.

Oversharing at Work

Sharing is a good thing, right? It certainly is, if you’re referring to good news, great results, wealth or happiness! What about at work?

read more

The Life and Work Blog

It’s simple, really. We believe a healthy organization means a healthy work environment. And a healthy work environment is one where people feel valued, can be productive, have fun and thrive. Right?

Our Life and Work Blog includes wellness tips, ideas about how to handle challenging work situations, and invites you to ask questions of our CEO, Allan Stordy. Here’s a sample of what our blog offers:

Five Lies Eating Disorders Tell Their Sufferers

Eating disorders thrive in secrecy, convincing the sufferer of many lies in order to keep them on a path of self-destruction. Whether it’s the restrictive practice of anorexia nervosa, the binge and purge cycle of bulimia nervosa or the compulsive overeating of... read more

What’s Eating You?

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, as the saying goes, consider this often overlooked resource.

read more

Contact Us

Have a question about one of our programs? We respect the relationship you have with your Group Insurance Advisor. As your trusted advisor, he or she is the best place to start if you are considering enhanced coverage or have questions about your group benefit package in general.

For all other queries, call us! Whether you need guidance on how to handle a situation involving staff or team members, have a question about counselling services, want advice concerning a financial or legal dilemma, or need HR support, we’re here to help.

1 877 412-7483

1 877 922-8646


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