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We know insurers and third party administrators
only want to partner with high quality service providers.
Your reputation depends on it.

That’s why Arete will amaze you and your clients
with unparalleled service, unique program options,
no hidden costs, and a true can-do attitude.

Why You Should Look at Arete

Whether your client is a small business, corporation, association, union or other organization, we’ve got them covered. 

We listen, and feedback from you—our insurance and TPA clients—is used as the basis for our research-based solutions, high-touch service, return-to-work/stay-at-work strategies, and flexible programs.

The Arete Approach Works

An independent analysis of our counselling services confirms a significant impact.

Research-based Solutions

We specialize in research-based solutions and offer statistical evidence and success measurements drawn from evidence-based outcome research conducted by APAS Laboratory.

Read the press release about our most recent research, the first study of its kind in Canada. You can also request a copy of the full report.

Arete continues expanding studies that support a broader understanding
of the real value assistance programs offer Canadian insurers and organizations.

High-Touch Services

For Program Users

It’s better for everyone that we take good care of program users. Here are some important examples of how we do just that.

  • Accessiblity – We never turn away callers if they don’t have identification credentials at hand—we find them in our records and get them the help they need.
  • Flexibility – To ensure a good fit, program users can request a different counsellor at any time. The right match will help individuals get back on track faster.
  • Professional Support – And finally, we maintain a national network of over 1,600 professionals and clinicians across Canada. Members of our network are held to high professional standards to meet the needs of our clients.

If you’re interested in the free self-help resources we provide to program users, please visit the Individuals section of our website.

For Group Insurance Advisors

Sales Support – To support sales efforts, Advisor Guides complement our product brochures with detailed information, focusing on sales and building productive relationships.

When extra support is needed, we’ll accompany advisors to client meetings. We’re also happy to partner with your advisors and speak at events. Learn more about our visitation program, which is free of charge.

AGIAC – The annual Arete Group Insurance Advisor Conference (AGIAC) gives group benefit insurance advisors an opportunity to hear from industry experts, learn best practices, and earn CE credits.

Flexible Programs

One size does not fit all. That’s why we’ll customize our programs for your clients if you need it. Our flexibility and commitment to quality ensures you get effective, relevant solutions.

Base Programs

Our base programs (listed here) focus on getting to the source of an issue and providing practical support to deal with it. You can also visit the Individuals and Organizations sections of our website if you’re interested in other materials we provide to your clients.

Arive® helps organizations support employees/members and their families through a self-referral counselling process.

Life presents challenges. If personal, work-related, financial, legal, or health issues affect a person’s well-being and job performance, they can turn to Arive for professional assistance and get back on track. Arive includes generous access to human resources coaching for managers.

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Arive – Guide for Owners & Managers

Arive®Lite is for organizations that want to build their management team’s expertise.

AriveLite assists managers to resolve problems before they escalate into productivity issues or lead to absenteeism.

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AriveLite – Guide for Owners & Managers

Businesses without financial resources for expensive legal and financial advice can use Acumin® to gain access to experts in these fields, plus generous human resources guidance.

Acumin includes a counselling referral component managers can use to help employees deal with personal issues when performance concerns arise.

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Acumin – Guide for Owners & Managers

Return-to-Work/Stay-at-Work Strategies

All our programs are built on the premise that work plays a key role in a person’s mental health. We want to help individuals deal with situations before they escalate and result in continued absence from work.

As part of our return-to-work/stay-at-work strategy, our rigorous counsellor supervision process monitors the progress of assisted clients, contributing to high success rates. A recent study showed a 70% improvement in productivity after counselling support accessed through Arete’s Arive employee assistance program (EAP).

We want to help individuals deal with problems
before they escalate and result in continued absence from work.

FAQs for Insurers and Third Party Administrators

Get answers to common questions.

Mental Health Infographic

70% of disability claims involve mental health issues. Learn more about how our programs can help.

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Mental Health Infographic

Contact Us

Allan Stordy

President & CEO

If you’re an insurer or third party administrator looking for more information about our approach or programs, please email Allan at astordy@aretehr.com directly.

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