Important Intersection Ahead

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Editor’s note: Nothing much has changed since October 2011 when we first posted these thoughts — how we treat each other along the road of life contributes much to our personal success.

How do you know what’s important and what’s not? Is there a way to weed out the inconsequential and just focus on the big stuff (you know – the things that really matter in life)? So often we seem to waste time on trivial things and the big fish slips through our fingers.

Here’s another way of looking at this age old dilemma: get in your car and drive out into the country, if you have the luxury of being in a city where it’s still possible to do so. If not, ride along with us. Along rural highways are highway signs, and one in particular isn’t often seen in urban environments: Important Intersection Ahead. Intended to warn the driver of the possibility of meeting another vehicle in a remote setting (where there may not be stop signs), it poses an interesting question: When is an intersection NOT important?

Any time two people arrive at crossroads at the same time, there’s potential for a happy ending or a disaster. If both acknowledge the presence of the other and one gives the right of way, everyone lives for another day. There might even be a country wave exchanged: hands on the wheel, lift the four fingers of your right hand and give a slight nod. A small courtesy and acknowledgement we share the road of life.

It doesn’t matter if your intersection with another person takes place in an elevator, in a lunchroom or on the road. The next time you cross paths with someone, whether a stranger or someone you’ve known for ages, think about that sign. You have the choice of blasting right through, leaving them in your dust or taking the time to slow down, acknowledge them and then proceed on your way. Try the country wave.

Everyday we’re on this earth we have the opportunity to make a difference. It’s up to us to make the most of the journey. The people we run into can have a profound effect on us and vice versa. So take the time to think about what’s really important: is speeding up, cutting others off and constantly switching gears what you really want to do?

First at the Lights Club

And while we’re on the subject, join our “First at the Lights Club”: instead of racing to make it through a yellow light, slow down, glide to a stop and enjoy a moment of peace. When it turns green again, you’ll be first in line. Who knew?

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