FAQs for Advisors


If my client has the Acumin® Business Assistance Program, why might they consider the Arive® Employee/Member Assistance Program?

Acumin is primarily a business-focused program that provides small businesses with access to professional financial, legal and human resources experts. It includes a management referral-to-counselling option to use when an employee exhibits a loss of productivity or increased absenteeism.

Arive® also supports business owners and managers, but focuses on assisting employees and their families to deal with challenges in their personal or professional lives through a confidential, self-referral service. When employees access help themselves, they are more likely to return to higher productivity and engagement on the job—something all organizations want. Adding Arive also gives your employees access to support for personal legal and financial guidance, eldercare concerns, nutritional support and more. Read more in the Arive Guide for Owners and Managers (PDF).

Need more information? Our evidence-based research offers great hard-cost information you may find helpful.

Can my clients find out how much the Arive® program is being used?

Utilization reports are available to any group with 25 or more employees. These reports do not contain any identifying information to protect program user confidentiality. Reports are not available to organizations with just a few employees to protect confidentiality, nor if there is any possibility that anonymity could be compromised—it’s something we just won’t do.

A recent client satisfaction survey indicates an average 70% increase in productivity after accessing help through the program. Your client can be confident that the implementation of an employee assistance program is a great step towards creating a healthy—and productive, work environment.

Does Arete® have a visitation program?

Yes we do! And it’s free—so just ask if you want an Arete product expert to accompany you to a client presentation.

We believe the more a client (and their employees) understands how their assistance program works, the more confidence they will have in you as an advisor and the more they will use the program. Everybody wins.

I’m inundated with invitations to industry conferences and seminars, but I get tired of the infomercial approach. How is Arete’s conference different?

There are two types of continuing education opportunities out there:

  • ones that promote specific products, under the guise of providing you with new information, and;
  • others, much harder to find, that concentrate on providing truly useful insight and information to help you increase your effectiveness as a trusted advisor.

The Arete Group Insurance Advisor Conference (AGIAC) belongs to the second group. Product pushing and limited viewpoints are not part of this annual event. In fact, while Arete coordinates the administrative side of the conference, content and speakers are based on feedback from attendees and requests received throughout the year.

Find out more about this year’s event and read feedback about the AGIAC from past years.

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