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Group insurance advisors can expect a lot from Arete®.

Everybody Wins

As a group advisor, we know you juggle many clients and a myriad of programs and products.

We believe the more a client (and their employees) understands how their assistance program works, the more confidence they will have in you as an advisor, and the more they will use the program. Everybody wins.

That’s why we provide you with resources and support for everything from initial client conversations to building a productive, ongoing client relationship.

Learn more about our:

We also have some FAQs for Advisors.

Program Materials

We have two types of program materials to get you started:

  • brochures for your clients, the program users
  • guides for you, the group insurance advisor

In addition to the downloads below, visit the Organizations and Individuals areas of this site to see for yourself what resources are available to your clients and their employees.

Arive® helps organizations support employees/members and their families through a self-referral counselling process.

Life presents challenges. If personal, work-related, financial, legal, or health issues affect a person’s well-being and job performance, they can turn to Arive for professional assistance and get back on track.

Arive includes generous access to human resources coaching for managers.

VIDEO: An Introduction to Arive


Arive – Employee Assistance Program Brochure

Arive – Guide for Owners & Managers

Arive – Advisor Guide

Arive – Printable Poster for Your Clients

Arive®Lite is for organizations that want to build their management team’s expertise. AriveLite assists managers to resolve problems before they escalate into productivity issues or lead to absenteeism.


AriveLite – Guide for Owners & Managers

AriveLite – Employee Referral Card

Businesses without financial resources for expensive legal and financial advice can use Acumin® to gain access to experts in these fields, plus generous human resources guidance.

Acumin includes a counselling referral component managers can use to help employees deal with personal issues when performance concerns arise.


Acumin – Guide for Owners & Managers

Acumin – Employee Referral Card

Acumin – Advisor Guide

Any of our programs can be customized. Just ask.

The Arete Approach Works

Share these results of an independent analysis of our counselling programs with your clients.

Small Business Check-Up

Support your small business clients by referring them to this Small Business Check-Up. It’s good for their business. It’s good for yours.

download-20px DOWNLOAD

Small Business Check-Up

Mental Health Infographic

Want to show your clients research-based numbers that prove the value of assistance programs?

download-20px DOWNLOAD

Mental Health Infographic

Visitation Program

We know you juggle many clients and a myriad of programs and products. It can be a challenge to remember fine details when describing features and benefits of a specific program to an audience.

Help is on the way!

Our visitation program is free. Contact us if you’d like an Arete product expert to accompany you to a client presentation, or if you need help with anything else.

Ben Stordy

Program Management Advisor

email: bstordy@aretehr.com phone: 1 888 255-5196 x 239

Business Support Services

Acumin® and Arive® clients are encouraged to call us directly when they’re not sure if they can get help for their particular problem—but they’ll often contact you first, because they trust you and value your input. Never hesitate to contact us to check to see if we can help resolve a situation.

Can we help? You bet we can!

Sharing anecdotes and examples with your clients helps them picture how a program might apply to their situations. We’ve gathered a few of the many stories and requests for service we receive from advisors about our Arive and Acumin programs.

Legal Advice

Even though most businesses have access to legal counsel, it’s expensive. Here’s a small sample of the types of legal situations we’ve helped resolve through coverage in our programs:

  • small claims court – My client would like support in regards to a small claims court date they have coming up. They had a contractor who did not deliver what was agreed upon, so they only paid the deposit. The contractor sued so they counter sued. They would like to ask a few questions to prepare themselves for this court date.
  • accident claims – My client would like advice regarding an accident claim against the company. They are a janitorial business and had a fall claim at a building they clean.
  • leases – I have a client who would like advice regarding her lease. She says there is a paragraph in it that states it can be month-to-month and she wants to better understand her rights in this type of agreement.
  • defamation – One of my clients has a disgruntled former employee who is using social media to bad mouth the company. The ex-employee is also trying to contact employees. What can the company do?
Financial Advice

Our programs provide access to expert financial advice—just the thing when reliable advice is needed:

  • taxes – It’s my client’s first year in business and they would like advice on filing their taxes.
  • payroll – My client would like advice regarding payroll deductions for the employee paid portion of disability.
  • accounting – One of my clients would like advice about taking dividends out of the company versus drawing a salary. Their accountant doesn’t give them any reasons when he says “No” to this approach, so the client wants a second opinion and some answers.
Human Resources

Many smaller business don’t have an in-house Human Resources team. Here are examples of situations covered by our generous access to professional HR advice:

  • mental health – My client would like advice about one of their employees who is facing important psychological problems, which is affecting their work. They are often on sick leave and yesterday the employee tried to come back to work but had to leave in the middle of the day. The employer wants coaching to “do the right thing” for the employee. The employer has referred the employee to the counselling services, but wants to know what else they can do.
  • safety – I’m the advisor for an employer who wants advice as they have a disgruntled former employee who is bad mouthing the company via social media. The employee is also trying to contact current employees. The employer feels that the former employee has some mental health issues, is concerned about safety and just not sure what to do.
  • terminations and layoffs – An employer would like advice regarding layoffs. They are letting three people go, but they are most concerned about the person who is pregnant and they don’t want it to appear as that is the reason for the layoff, because it isn’t. They are hoping to give notice and pay for years of service worked, instead of severance. Is this the best approach?
Combination Legal and Human Resources

Sometimes a situation is best resolved through a combination of legal and human resources advice. Read through these samples of issues that expert counsel has helped resolve:

  • terminations and illness – A client wants to terminate an employee. They have provided the employee with termination papers, but the employee refused to sign them. The employee then got a doctor’s note. My client wants to know if they can still terminate the employee for performance issues, and does it matter if they don’t want to sign the termination papers?
  • terminations and substance abuse – I’ve been asked for advice by a client on how to properly terminate an employee who has been working there for 6 months, but is now drinking on the job.


Have questions about our programs or Advisor support? We’ve got answers.

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